Drone Light Shows

The “I scream, you scream” kind of deal. Pyrotecnico offers flavors of fire that are all certified jaw-droppers. However your event is formatted, we’ve got the perfect taste of amazement—you may have a hard time choosing.


Drone Light Shows

The “wow factor” takes on next-level spectacle with Live Events newest offering, DRONE SHOWS. We create mesmerizing art and light up skies in the biggest and most brilliant way in cities across the country. We continue to evolve our creativity and technical expertise, ensuring that we deliver an EPIC experience every time, at every event.


What is a Drone Light Show?


Drone light shows are an illuminated display of the most mesmerizing art in the sky. Drone show concepts are uniquely designed to showcase synchronized and choreographed groups of drones crafted to create animated aerial formations. Designers use specialized software to create images and stories that come to life through flight commands communicating to the drones. Drone show displays feature anywhere from 100 to 1,000+ drones.

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How Many Drones Do I Need?

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Give Us a Reason to Celebrate

Our talented drone show designers and technicians come ready with something up their sleeves for every client, customizing the perfect oohs and ahhs cocktail for your event.  

  • Community Events
  • Concerts, Tours & Festivals
  • Sports Teams & Sporting Events
  • Destination Events
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Corporate, Private & Nonprofit Events

There are Countless Ways to Enhance Your Event:

  • Illuminate the sky with your brand, show off logos and sponsorship art with flair.
  • Create a themed extravaganza: Hall of Fame Night, Under the Sea, Sci-Fi Spectacular.
  • Rally the crowd to your cause – supercharge the fight, hope, or winning spirit of your audience.
  • Invite instant interaction with the vibrant colors and captivating animation of a QR code in the sky.
  • Dominate the Night Sky with a thrilling fusion of fireworks and drones that will leave the crowd buzzing for days.

Drone Light Shows with Fireworks?

With multiple sky art solutions in our arsenal: fireworks, special fx, and drone shows – we can bundle these entertainment solutions together to bring an entirely new, sensory overall experience to your next event.

Drones with fireworks or fireworks with drones = simultaneous and amazing! The perfect combination for a social media frenzy leaving spectators asking themselves ‘did that really just happen’?


Let’s Talk Tech & Safety

Our tech talks! Our all-inclusive drone show system seamlessly integrates everything needed to launch a successful and exhilarating show. 

  • Integrated technology and equipment provides our FAA certified pilots with ease-of-mind in monitoring ground control and performance metrics, ensuring a reliable and efficient execution of the show.
  • Equipment powered by smart batteries which extend drone performances delivering 10-minute shows while producing 3,600 lumens each. What does that mean? It means our drones are among the brightest in the industry!
  • Dual layered safety system providing extra comfort to clients and spectators.
  • Professionally designed hardware built in the USA.

**Pilots are FAA Part 107 certified authorizing them to fly drones commercially in the United States.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to creating the show?
  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss the event date, theme, and budget.
  2. Theme and Storyline: Further define the theme, storyline, and key visual elements.
  3. Audio and Visual Development: Develop the audio and visual elements of the show.
  4. Choreography and Sequencing: Choreograph and sequence the audio notes and visual cues.
  5. Preview: Provide an Ultra-HD video preview of the show.
  6. Permits and Authorization: Secure permits and airspace authorization.
How much do drone light shows cost?

Each show is uniquely different, so each show is uniquely priced starting at $25,000. 

What’s included?  

✅ Unique show elements

✅  All airspace permitting

✅  All travel costs

Additional out-of-pocket expenses that the customer may incur on their own:

Venue rental costs, security, ground permitting fees

How long is a show?

Standard shows last up to 10-minutes. 

How many images will be shown in a standard 10-minute show?


How far in advance does set-up occur?

Every show and show setup is unique. Factors that determine logistics include the venue and the intricacies of the show itself. Generally speaking, load-in/setup will usually occur the day of the show. 

How big of an area is needed to host a show?

For every 100 drones, you need a 50’ x 50’ landing area. This area must be reasonably flat and clear of obstructions that could impact take off and landing. Grass must be mowed to 2” or less. 

In the air, show images expand larger in the sky during a show.  It is pretty rare to have a show with less than 500’ of width in the sky, and larger shows can expand from there.

Keep in mind that for safety, the audience cannot be too close to the show. 150’ away from the edge of the display is the usual minimum, though it can be adjusted up or down depending on certain circumstances like how far above the ground the drones are.

Can the show sync to music?

Absolutely!  Our designers can synchronize drone formations to music, customizing the show to complement the event.

Can drones fly in inclement weather?

Drones can navigate in light to medium rain and moderate winds up to 25 MPH.

How far away can someone see the drones in the sky?

We have the brightest drones in the business (yes, seriously). Our drones are visible at least 3 miles away if nothing is in the way.  That said, we find the most comfortable viewing distance for our audience is much closer and tends to be around 500’ away depending on the size of your show and how high in the air it is.

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Interested in making time stand still with mind-blowing Drone Light Shows?

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