Entertainment Logistics

Full Service Hauling

Through our dedicated logistics company, FXpedited offers full truck loads, partials or intermodal. If a truck is needed for any load or any reason—FXpedited has North American coverage to ensure your products arrive safely and on time. We make moves, for you. 

Entertainment Logistics

Our services allow you to move your gear safely and on point whether it’s two road cases across town or a fleet of trucks across North America, we can manage a one-truck production run or a multi-truck tour. 

Event Hauling

Entertainment hauling covers concert tours, theater performances, sporting events, art exhibits, award shows, and more. Some events only require the driver to drop and hook at venues. Other events require the driver to help load and unload. Either way, we’ve got you covered.  

Concert Tour Logistics

We offer world-class transportation and logistics solutions for the music and entertainment industry. Keeping the show on the road around the nation and the globe is everything. There is little time for delays, damage or errors in scheduling. Every piece of equipment transported is paramount to the success of the show. Our touring trailers have ramps and LED lights. The goal is to make it happen again and again.

Production Hauling

Whether it’s moving sensitive lighting rigs for a performing arts event or managing the logistical needs for a recording artist’s worldwide stadium tour, FXpedited can handle the details and ensure that your event delivers as promised. From stage setup and takedown to moving event equipment across the country, our dedicated team has experience managing the logistical needs for dozens of renowned artists and production companies.

Artist Hauling

Familiarity with the gear, equipment and ensuring smooth paperwork—goes a long way for artist hauling. Knowing the order to load and unload to maximize efficiencies is key. We can handle the list of specifics to ensure we get everything safely transported from point A to point B.

Hazmat Trucking

We’re hyper-focused on safety. Driving safely is always a priority, and it’s mission-critical in hazmat trucking. FXpedited drivers are comfortable with hauling explosives, flammables, non-flammable gasses, and other hazardous loads. We understand the additional regulations for this type of cargo and know when to avoid certain routes and hazmat-restricted areas.

Fireworks Hauling

Our legacy companies are a 125-year-old fireworks display provider and a special effects production company for audiences of all sizes. For fireworks hauling, FXpedited can get the load across town or the country with our team drivers. We’ll deliver the snap, crackle and boom to amplify excitement for your event.

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